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Philips Beauty Facebook Page Campaign

3 December, 2014

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Being the market leader in the development, manufacturing and application of innovative electronics, Philips aims to create products that improve our living by making the product more of an enjoyment to use. Philips launched a new adorable beauty accessory – EASYSHINE Ionic Styling Brush in November 2014. As incredible this product may be, how we are going to attract considerable attention on the online social media platform adopting the right tactic of styling and preference of the brand to recruit new potential customers should have been our major concern and focus in a competitive world of the beauty and styling market.


Viral Video becomes a popular trend in the consumer culture of internet sharing; it does create a significant social impact. We believe the best way to demonstrate the effectiveness of the product is to differentiate it from normal brushes by making a comparison video.


Facebook Fan Page is one of the main platforms to help promote the viral video. We consider it a linchpin that allows us not only to make sure the video reaches our target audience, but also heighten the interactions between the target audience and us. A social media platform serves us well in encouraging the fans to leave comments and share the video when a mini-game was launched together with the viral video. From here, we can see the crucial role that a strategic Facebook advertisement planning is playing in intensifying the awareness and engagement of the target audience. With the strategic planning, we can maximize the social impact of the viral video.



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