Philips Kitchen Cooking Site

15 January, 2015

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Philips has rollout various home kitchen appliances recently, e.g. Airfryer, Breadmaker, etc. Each of them can use to cook many healthy foods without big effort. Philips would like to promote the cooking appliances providing hundred of helpful and healthy recipes in an interactive way to reduce the queries during cooking, so user is able to enjoy the fun of cooking when using Philips kitchen appliances.


Reading a cook book maybe bored in this new generation. Turn this offline activity to be an online website can be enhanced the interest towards user. Therefore, we decided to put the static recipes into a diversified website, as well as interactive video to teach user how to cook like in person. Help user to ease the daily cooking and enjoy the fun in the kitchen.


This website is divided into few parts, mainly providing the healthy cooking recipes with step by step visual, images and useful information, so user can follow the cooking step easily. At the same time, cooking idea session suggests the daily recipe to solve the trouble of thinking each meal and able to try new dishes every night.
Besides, an interactive zone is for video teaching, user can watch the video and follow the whole process of cooking by Philips kitchen appliance. The product session is able to let user clear and understand the feature and specification of each Philips kitchen appliance. User can also notify the news and promotion of Philips kitchen through this informative online channel.
By learning from the cooking site, everyone can be a chef by using Philips kitchen appliance and enjoy the joy of daily cooking!