Philips Social CRM – Airfryer Happy Share

2 March, 2015

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Philips would like to let more people knowing their new products where each of them can use to cook many healthy foods without big effort. And hence, they would like to via digital solution to viral the message which is an effective way to do the advertising nowadays.


PacificLink helps Philips to promote the new products via an integrated Ad campaign which is composed by 3 different minisites and involved different social media platforms. 3 minisites are using different promotion methods but they are all related to each other. The integrated campaign is running for more than half year. This can keep the Philips products and news exposing on different social media platforms.


Ambassador Programme
To set up a Facebook campaign site which used for recruiting the ambassadors to try the new products. The qualified ambassadors will share their comments on different social media platforms after used so that we can via their network to let more people know the advantages of the Philips’ products. The real comments shared in different social media can greatly help to viral the message.

Social CRM
Philips would like to focus on promoting the Airfryer. We planned and created a Social CRM which is a way for participants to redeem the Airfryer or other prizes. This is the core campaign which helps to integrate the Ambassador Programme and the Cooking Appliances. As the small daily tasks in this site are using Facebook platform to play, participants would keep posting the new status on their Facebook every day and so more people would search or know Philips product during the campaign period.

Cooking Appliances
Cooking appliances can provide hundreds of helpful and healthy recipes in an interactive way. This website is divided into few parts, mainly providing the healthy cooking recipes with step by step visual, images and useful information, so user can follow the cooking step easily.


Project Management/ Kenix Wan, Rainbow Wong, Derek Ho Creative Director/ Lennon Ho Art Director/ Kelvin Choi Copywriter/ Bond Sze, Tsz Yan Designer/ Kat Lam, Clark Wong, Ming Chan, Judy Zhou Developer/ Herman Lam, Bill Yu, Nikmax Ma Programmer/ Henry Au, Toby Ho System Support/ Michael Leung, Harvey Tang


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