Ring Campaign

17 April, 2015

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PANDORA is a well-known jewelry brand in Hong Kong, especially bracelet and charm are their hot items. This year, PANDORA would like to improve the ring product and build the trust of other diversified goods in market. Therefore, PANDORA held a Ring event and appointed digital agency PacificLink iMedia Ltd to viral the event through social media channels and increases the ring recognition online and offline.


PANDORA invited lots of celebrities to join the ring campaign cross over the nail beauty Flawless, which separates to several sessions including hand massage, photo corner, ring product showcase, guest speech and sharing, refreshment and so on.
As the event is only for the celebrities, we decided to record the whole event through video format and viral via online, and make all public can enjoy the joy of PANDORA ring mix and match with nail and learn the knowledge from it.


Online video

The fruitful event includes many parts, and our professional team has to produce an educational and soft-selling video to record all the important details for online promotion. We created quality, interesting and highly-viral ring related content to share the mix and match tips and benefits to fans.

This video will be uploaded to the largest video channel Youtube to draw public attention and increase the ring recognition via digital solution.

Social media bloggers

To build the positive sense of PANDORA rings in markets, we decide to leverage the power of KOLs to build the word of mouth. We align the popular online bloggers Athena Chiu and Babyalpha to join the event. Through the social media channels to share their personal experience about PANDORA ring, the real and firsthand comments can be given to fans.


Project Management/ Kenix Wan, Joe Wong, Rainbow Wong Art Director/ Kelvin Choi Designer/ Judy Zhou