Selfie Booth at Versace After Party

7 November, 2014

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Versace, one of the international famous Italian luxury brands in the world. Recently, Versace actively expands the business territory in Asia, and this year, Versace launched the Asia’s largest flagship store in Harbour City, Hong Kong. To celebrate this tremendous event, Versace held an after event party for this remarkable occasion. We co-operated with the event agency to make it success, and our mission is to preserve every delighted moment of guests and connect them from offline to online.


Nowadays, photo taking to keep every lively moment is a must in a party, especially in a bustling environment. Thus, we installed a selfie photo booth in the event venue to attract guests to take photo and capture the moment for them. Lots of guests can be crowded to take selfie photo and create a joyous atmosphere in the party.


Guests are invited to take photo through the booth, their photo are optional to share in their personal facebook with greeting message. Through the celebrities’ effect, the great news of opening party can be spread rapidly with guests’ happy face. The photo also printed out instantly as a valuable souvenir for the guests!



event guests have interacted with the booth