Sonicare For Kids Electric Toothbrush Digital Activation Campaign

13 September, 2016

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Aiming to promote the Sonicare for Kids electric toothbrush and its interactive complementary app, Philips launched a series of viral video and social media engagement content to establish healthy habits for kids to form a good tooth brushing behavior.


Remember seeing kids crying at the top of their lungs when being dragged to visit the dentist? You probably do, because you might as well be one of those kids who hated seeing the dentist but was suffering from an agonizing toothache resulted from your negligence of the importance of brushing your teeth properly. In this project, we intended to remind people of their greatest childhood revulsion and the cure to the problem by presenting them a KIDS REACT interview. With the interview projecting how kids hated brushing their teeth and how they eventually fell for the Sonicare for Kids toothbrush and the interactive tooth brushing app, we highlighted the pain points of children and their parents, as well as maximizing the selling points and advantages of the client’s product as an excellent solution for their problem.

With Philips Home Living Facebook page as a strong communication platform with over 1300k fans, we utilize the channel to reach our target audience. By broadcasting the Philips’ version of the KIDS REACT and feeds related to the topic on the fan page, we successfully delivered and showcased the best features of the product and fun and engaging content that drew the attention of our audience.


Taking good advantage of the strength and publicity of the well-known TV host Dixon Wong from a recently popular children’s program, we invited Dixon to host the KIDS REACT interview together with the kids. Since the audience could soon associate the host with that popular program, the audience could quickly adapt to the situation and setup of our viral video, maximizing the effectiveness of our video.

A fun and engaging KIDS REACT that presents real problems parents and kids are facing keeps our audience engaged with us. With the video employing the soft-sell strategy by addressing the problem and offering the solution of the problem within a few minutes, it could help us to earn higher click rates, earn the trust of our potential customers and convince them to buy the product.

By creating feeds with consistent visual design and content before and after the broadcast of the viral video, we intended to give the audience a deep imprint of the product so that they would intuitively know what we were about to promote as soon as they had a glimpse of the visual content.


Project Management/ Quian Chow, Kenix Wan Copywriter/ Jasper Wu Designer/ Kimchi Yim