Sotheby’s WeChat Mini-Site and eCat Middleware Development

19 September, 2014

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The previous Sotheby’s Wechat platform was only for message pushing and there was no customized Menu for subscribers’ interaction. Subscribers were just receiving message passively. Besides, it is inconvenient for Wechat subscribers to browse the contents in the Sotheby’s official website (, as there is a lot of rich information about the Sales Catalogue and the Sales Schedule.

In this Wechat Mini Site development project, we set up the customized menu which included two tabs to interact with subscribers. The main function of the tabs is to bring subscribers to a newly-developed Mini-site, which contains the major information about the Sales Catalogue and the Sales Schedule.


In order to show the informative content clearly, we believe the best way to display is to keep the overall layout neat and tidy.

Same style and color tone layout would help to present a more harmonic and professional image.
Sliding hero banners on top of the catalogues can serve as a promotion area for the special catalogues or different departments.
Catalogue cover in the Sales Catalogue tab would enhance the attractiveness and audience would easily distinguish which nature the sales is about.

More catalogues are coming in the future under the Sothtby’s wechat account. Let’s stay tune and subscribe Sotheby’s wechat account now!



page views to the catalogues on average every day