Star Wars – Join the Force Campaign

4 December, 2015

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After 10 years without another Star Wars movie playing in theaters, the Star Wars franchise is coming back this December strong, awakening the inner force of the fervent Star Wars fans across all generations alike! The Star Wars: The Force Awakens will, for certain, be the blockbuster production of the year. The JOIN THE FORCE campaign was launched to fan the flame of the upcoming Star Wars film.


The idea of the JOIN THE FORCE campaign was originated from the concept of metaphysical power, namely the Force, in Star Wars movies. The mass audience are asked to use their inner Force to pass on their lightsaber by taking a 5-to-10-second video clip showing how they swung and passed on the lightsaber before submitting the video at www.starwars.com.hk to join the movement. By grouping the video clips altogether, it created a sensation that Star Wars fans from everywhere were passing their lightsaber to one another and passing on the spirit of the Jedi (the Light Side) forever.


The JOIN THE FORCE campaign welcomed Star Wars fans to use a bit of imagination to create fun and original videos on top of the ‘pass on the lightsaber’ setting. Participants demonstrating the best lightsaber moves would be rewarded each week and had a chance of winning one of the 100 prizes from Hot Toys, 5cm, fingercroxx, Aapa, Chocolate, izzue, and Musium Div. They can also customize their video by jointing their video with the videos of the renowned celebrities (Louis Koo, Pakho Chau, Shiga Lin, etc.) in town and their friends. The campaign mini-site offered both mobile and desktop versions. Participants could either upload their video directly using their phone or desktop. In cooperation with the Star Wars Hong Kong Facebook page, the call-to-action feeds, updated news, and results of the competitions in relation with this campaign were announced on the page.


Project Management/ Grace Chan, Sybil Yeung Creative Director/ Don Chan, Steven Lee Art Director/ Kelvin Choi Copywriter/ Jasper Wu Designer/ Ming Chan Motion Graphic Designer/ Aporia Lee Developer/ Herman Lam, Bill Yu, Cyrus Au Programmer/ Vincent Fung System Support/ Michael Leung, Harvey Tang