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T Galleria by DFS #MustPack Regional Digital Front Windows Campaign

16 April, 2016

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Teaming up with the three “international influencers”, T Galleria by DFS launches the #MustPack campaign this spring! The #MustPack digital storefront concept, which highlights essential travel products, serves to enhance interactions between T Galleria by DFS and customers worldwide with the digital front window installation.


It is of all travelers’ distress of what to pack for a trip. In light of such concern, we developed the idea to let travelers “explore” the must-pack travel essentials just as they walk pass the storefront window of T Galleria by DFS. By having the simulated x-ray images of suitcases and travel packs displayed on the windows, we intend to give passers-by the impression that they are taking a peek of the belongings of other travelers via the airport x-ray system when in reality they are glancing over the latest collections of the season. The storefront windows are also equipped with the interactive photo booth and real-time cameras. That allows users to have an instant interaction with the digital storefront window and encourages them to stay at T Galleria for a longer time.


Immersive Digital Experience
Launching across Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore and Hawaii, the #MustPack is global campaign aiming to attract world travelers to shop at T Galleria by DFS. The digital installations, namely the storefront digital windows, interactive photo booth and real-time camera, are set up in stores worldwide to offer customers a captivating digital experience.

To start the digital journey, users can first take a photo of themselves by activating the interactive photo booth. After taking the photo, an x-ray-like photo of theirs will appear instantly on the multi-category display. If the users wish to save the photo, they can get the digital copy by inputting they e-mail address or scanning the QR code and choose to share their photo to different social platforms.


Project Management/ Sybil Yeung, Nikki Chan Creative Director/ Don Chan Art Director/ Kelvin Choi Developer/ Chris Chan, Soya Yip, Kong Lee, Ryan Chan Programmer/ Lynn Chan, Lung Chan System Support/ Endo Yeung, Carson Lo, Tim Chan


photos were taken in 1 week

eDM sent in 1 week

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