The Soft Toys for Education Campaign Minisite

5 December, 2014

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The Soft Toys for Education Campaign is a charity event every year. They get toys from My Kid Needs That to donate to kids but he campaign is also to build the awareness of the social responsibility of IKEA, and create a better future for children by supporting charitable education. On the other hand, the campaign can remind people insisting on their original dreams and believe that fairy tales can come true finally. The children who are below 12 years old can participate in the Soft Toys Drawing Competition. The public can vote for the favorite soft toy drawn by participant. To realize the final goal of helping the needy children, co-worker trip were organized to visit the children and understand their situation better.


To convey the message of the Soft Toys for Education Campaign, we create a minisite for the campaign and divide into different phases. We hope that the minisite can increase the awareness of parents, children and the public. So the design of the minisite mixes with many colorful visual and the IKEA soft toys. Also, a pop-up storybook of the minisite can illustrate the fairy tales theme and make it more appealing to children. After the recruitment of the competition, online voting was held in the minisite. Users can connect their facebook account to vote for the finalists of the competition. Most importantly, the information of the co-worker trip and highlights of the trip will share to everyone so that can increase the awareness of the public.


Project Management/ Kenix Wan,Joe Wong,Raymond Kwan, Yuki, chau, Jim Ho Creative Director/ Lennon Ho, Steven Lee Art Director/ Kelvin Choi Designer/ Cany Pun, Ming Chan Developer/ Snowie Mok Programmer/ Lung Chan, Silver Lam


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