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#thisisme selfie party

12 September, 2014

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This year, adidas Originals rode on the theme “this is me” for their yearly OBC party 2014, and further interpreted the concept by expressing ones own personality and originality in terms of selfie. To spread out the message, we have setup a selfie campaign on one of the most popular photo sharing platform – instagram with the hashtag “#thisisme” to play with the mass.


Instagram is the key. The idea is to leverage this photo sharing tool to further reinforce the “this is me’ message before and during the party. Instagram activation campaign, insta-print and dynamic Instagram contest were introduced to capture the attention of mass.


Create awareness
Before the party, celebrities were invited to take a series of #thisisme photos and share then across different social platforms. The campaign message was amplified by their broad fan base and social connection at the beginning stage.

Instagram Connection
An Instagram campaign was setup to recruit party entrants. Users could enter the contest by simply uploading photos that represent them the most with specific hashtags. Every participant could stand the equal chance for the tickets while the most outstanding ones could win.

During the party, insta-print was setup so that each user with the same hashtags can get back their own #thisisme selfies. Alongside, a contest was setup to reward the participant with the most number of selfies uploaded which in turn boost the selfie fever.

Own the instagram
For this 3-week campaign, you can easily track the footprint of #thisisme campaign on Instagram. Each time users submit a photo on Instagram, it will then be shared and viewed by their friends and the public. At party night, over 700 photos were generated, over 4,000 likes were accumulated and there were over 3,000 photos generated for the whole campaign in total.


photos were uploaded in recruitment campaign

photos with #thisisme were uploaded during party time

likes were received for the uploaded photos in total