Engaging Loyalty Game Robot Spirits

5 March, 2015

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Tamashii show 2015 in Toys”R”Us Hong Kong displays the most update-to-date series of Tamashii buddies figures to their big fans. Fans can enjoy and purchase the new figures at the Harbour City Toys”R”Us retail store.

In an attempt to try something more than the traditional figures display box, Toys”R”Us wants to invest on ideas of new figure display installation with game interaction.



As a creative digital agency, PacificLink would love to bring client to new digital insight. We place 3 models in our latest digital innovation – Crystal Box. It showcases the models with great visual and sound music and elevates the retail store experience to new level.


Crystal Box Installation
With a stunning transparent screen, 3 models have been put behind the screen inside the box. It’s a perfect box to create virtual-reality experience. Guests can play the video by touching the screen of the box and real models would be displayed inside with flash animation on top.

O2O Connection
In order to have more interaction with guests, a game section is included. Guests can preview the video and products’ detail slide show, a question will be asked and guests can choose the correct answer. Guests would then be driven to Facebook page to check if they get the rewards.

CRM Strategy
After choosing the correct answer of the Q&A section, guests are invited to input their star card ID in order to get 3X membership points if they purchase the model figures. Besides providing reward to our members, we can also learn their behavior by tracking data in Crystal Box.



Project Management/ Moski Mok, Rachel Lo, Bond Sze Creative Director/ Lennon Ho Designer/ Ming Chan Developer/ Kong Lee, Cyrus Au Programmer/ Kening Li System Support/ Endo Yeung


guests experienced the installation in 2 weeks

key participants played the games

users are intrigued and explored product details