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“Unite All Originals” Hong Kong Consumer Activation

6 October, 2013

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As a lead-up event of their global brand campaign, adidas Originals launched the most sought-after party, “unite all originals party 2013”, for all the fashion lovers in town. To make it more spectacular than ever, PacificLink is tasked to build interactive engagement, enhance participants’ experience, and maximize exposure of the event by utilizing the latest NFC technology.


3,000 limited NFC-enabled wristbands were played up as a key element of the whole campaign. During the period, wristband holder would take the lead as an ambassador to spread out the brand message, “unite all originals”, and also enjoy a privilege to witness the event and stand a chance to win the grand prize.


Create Awareness
3,000 NFC-enabled wristbands were given out as the tickets for the party. Customers can only get it upon designated amount of purchase in store. This kind of exclusive privilege built up a strong desire to purchase and directly boosted up the foot traffic to store.

Facebook Connection
Through a simple online registration, the wristband will be activated and connected to user’s Facebook account, linking up the online and offline platforms.

Party Interaction
In the event venue, attendee could simply make check-in or other interactions by swiping their wristband on different NFC booths, and meanwhile, a visual stamp would also be stored in the NFC chip in the wristband. Once all stamps were collected, attendee could get to the redemption counter for a limited gift.

Social Exposure
Every time attendee made check-in with their wristband, an auto wall feed would be published in real time on their Facebook timeline to update the party status.


wristband activations

booth check-in within 3 hours

wall feeds were created to get the word out to the masses