UV Plus Facebook Campaign and Mobile Truck Event

11 June, 2015

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To promote Clarins new anti-UV and pollution lotion – UV Plus, an O2O campaign was setup to drive customer engagement between online, store and outdoor level. Through facebook application, users were able to register for sample redemption or truck event easily. SMS mechanism provided simple redemption flow and enhance user experience. Truck event with UV camera test revealed the importance of all round anti-UV and pollution products.


UV camera – a camera assembled with UV light was introduced to customers, which can reveal the flaws caused by sunlight and other pollution under your skin. By showing the harmful effect how daily sunlight affects your skin health, the importance of using all-round sunscreen product was revealed and hence created interest for the product.


In order to encourage more customers to try with the UV camera, mobile truck event was associated. The promotional truck carried the UV camera which allowed customers from all parts of Hong Kong to test and reveal the harmful effects to their skins under sunlight and also how UV plus can give them the best protection from UV and pollution. Digital activation setup allowed them to review these photos and share to social media platforms
Online registration on facebook not only allowed the registration of sample redemption and also the participation of this event. This O2O strategy drove online users to attend offline activities and then to store afterwards. Social messages were also generated throughout both events and online applications.


Project Management/ Ryan Lee, Rainy Chen Copywriter/ Lala Lui Designer/ KC Leung Developer/ Bill Yu Programmer/ Lynn Chan


registrations for sample redemption and UV test

participants of the UV test

social sharing messages were generated through out the whole campaign