Water 360° Facebook Campaign

18 April, 2015

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Water 360° is a newly launched own-label skincare product range of Watson’s. It is specially formulated with pure, nutrient-enriched natural mineral spring water from France and is dermatologically tested. To build awareness an arouse interest on this new product range, we are helping Watson’s to launch a social media campaign on Facebook.


During spring and summer, refreshing moisturizing products are very popular in the market. Hence, we created the Facebook online campaign themed as “3秒爆水FACIAL SPA” (A Facial SPA in 3 Seconds) featuring the hero product – the Mineral Spring Intensive Facial Moisturizer. To accommodate the watery texture and pleasant sensation of using the product, we made our grand prize for the winners just as worthy as the product – a SPA voucher from a 5-star hotel!


Following the popularity of mobile usage, we create a Facebook tab with desktop and mobile versions to allow users of desktop or mobile devices to enjoy the same simple but elegant feature within a few steps. The overall design has blue tones, animation effects featuring “water”.

Participants are invited to complete a mini poll on the product features and share their own “moisturizing moments” with us. Such interactions not only increase the interest level of the campaign, but also provide useful feedback on consumer insights, which is valuable for future promotion. At the end of the game, participants will be invited to share the link on their Facebook timeline, which can create viral effect and encourage more participations.


Project Management/ Wing Chow, Nicole Tsang, Chris Yau Copywriter/ Jasper Wu Designer/ Toni Cheng Developer/ Herman Lam, Chris Chan Programmer/ Lynn Chan, Silver Lam


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