Interactive Dressing Table

10 January, 2017

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The Watsons Innovative Experience Store located in Telford Plaza is one of Watsons’ first innovative experience stores in town. Aiming to build a gripping digital funnel that raises customers’ awareness of the brand and drives customer engagement, Watsons has given us a mission to develop a state-of-the-art installation built for the cosmetics zone.


Aspiring to help our client to serve the needs of their customers, we first identified and defined real problems consumers were facing. It was during the process of investigation that we discovered consumers were almost always puzzled when they had to decide which skincare product they should get. In light of that, we eventually developed a Smart Dressing Table designed to help consumers find out the right skincare products. Consumers will be provided with a basic assessment of their skin condition, useful beauty tips and product information using the Smart Dressing Table. It is expected that the installation will play a part in increasing the purchase intention and helping Watsons increase new business opportunity by recommending the right product to Watsons’ customers.


We designed, programed, and built the Smart Dressing Table from scratch. There are 3 main advantages of this interactive Smart Dressing Table. The functions are as shown.
Offering free Beauty Assessment for customers
The beauty assessment helps customers find out their right products. This is how the assessment is done:

  • Ask – The Smart Dressing Table asks customers to answer a couple of questions using the digital screen
  • Recommend – Given with the answers provided by the customers, the system will automatically recommend suitable products to the customers
  • Highlight – The system will provide more information about the recommended products so that the customers could explore all about the products on spot

Providing product information & tips (with CMS support)
Detailed information of the highlighted products will be displayed on the interactive screen if the customers have such a desire of checking out the information. Realizing that our client might want to make some modification with the product information and types, we also created a Content Management System to allow our client to make changes as they need to.

Supporting quick product comparison
Customers don’t have to go through the trouble of selecting each and every product they want to compare on screen now. By simply picking up the actually highlighted products placed in front of touchscreen, they can immediately read the information of the selected product. With the use of the RFID technology, we have enabled the Smart Dressing Table system to detect which products the customers have picked up – this has effectively saved our customers’ time and effort and helped facilitate the decision-making process of the customers.

Additional add-on features are available too for the advantage of Watsons:

Giving Watsons the means to have their own first-hand market analysis
The client can analyze consumer interests through keeping track of how frequently a product is picked or how intrigued customers are with the product. By gathering the statistics, our client can gain market insight and formulate strategies that broaden business opportunities.

Strengthening Watsons’ capability in offering their partners additional sales service
Watsons can recreate other sales/promotion toolkit using this interactive table for their suppliers. With the Smart Dressing table, Watsons can now help their suppliers/partners to create one-stop solution that drives their business, increases revenue by maximizing sales, and promoting the brands.


Project Management/ Kenix Wan, Rainbow Wong Creative Director/ Steven Lee Copywriter/ Jasper Wu Designer/ Eddie Ho Developer/ Kong Lee, Soya Yip, Teddy Wong Programmer/ Alan Yu