Weight Management Experience

4 August, 2015

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Summer always brings about a frenzy of weight loss. In the summer of 2015, Amway entered the frenzy with the aim of increasing the consumption of their dietary supplement products by raising awareness of weight management and promoting the concept of healthy life. To reach this objective, Amway would like to take advantage of digital devices to provide an engaging experience.


We started the journey with an entertaining and interactive sportive game that involved real body movements. Besides, to engage all the visitors, dynamic and graceful, we offered a peaceful but stimulating snap booth, conveying healthy life concept through snap shots. All the experiences were delivered through innovative installations, and aimed at building more happy contacts with customers on top of product education.


KINECT innovative installation
An LED wall was set up to present the interactive game-pole climb, and was designed to respond to the players’ body movements with interactive sensory, which meant in this case, it enabled players to control by simply moving their arms in front of the screen according to instructions.

The game involved two players competing with each other, by “climbing” while “grasping” as much as possible dietary supplement products on their way up. The rewarding scores of products all along with the pole increased gradually from the bottom up, and the result would be determined by the total scores. On completing the game, the experience was facilitated to share onto social media with QR code.

Selfie booth
Visitors were invited to take instant printing selfies through photobooth as souvenirs. The photo frames were thematically designed not only with aesthetic graphics but also some encouraging slogans of healthy living. With an optional sharing function, the brand messages reached even more widely via internet.


Project Management/ Nikki Chan, Sybil Yeung Creative Director/ Don Chan Art Director/ Kelvin Choi Copywriter/ Yetta Yang Designer/ Wingyee Mok, Judy Zhou Developer/ Kong Lee, Snowie Mok, Toby Ho Programmer/ Lung Chan System Support/ Endo Yeung



rounds of game activated by players


photos taken by participants