SS17 DO PANDORA Launch Event

9 June, 2017

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In 2017, PANDORA is taking on the responsibility to make PANDORA stand for something bigger, and something every woman can be proud to wear around her neck, wrist or finger, or dangling from her ears. For that reason, PANDORA introduces DO PANDORA campaign to celebrate women who do more and want more from their lives and their brands. It is PANDORA’s greatest wish to empower women of the new generation and tell them they can find themselves DOING whatever they want for their own.


With the brand refreshed, PANDORA needs to let the world and fans know about what the brand will stand for starting from today. An event celebrating the rebranding was, therefore, held. Being of service to bring the new image of PANDORA in the rebranding event, we created an interactive video-shooting game booth to allow guests of the event to find their true personality as they take a fun boomerang video.

Through the game, guests had to “dance” on the mattress answering questions related to their aspiration in life before they were told about the type of person they were (i.e. the type to DO Shine, DO Indulge, DO Create, DO Explore, DO Style, and DO Care). Having the guests to complete a set of “tasks” to find the true answer about themselves borne the resemblance to the ideal of the DO PANDORA campaign of taking actions and DO things you want to do. And the boomerang video guests took afterwards would have the photo frame matching their personality type. This acted as a reminder of who they were and who they could become.

Game Flow

1) Guests were asked to step on matching color splotches on screen and on the mattress to collect color gems (the piece of information) that constituted their personality

2) A personal DO message and video were derived from the combination of color gems collected

3) Guests can take a boomerang video doing funny poses

4) Guests can share their video via Facebook or get the downloadable file taking the received by email option

We have constructed an engaging video booth with the boomerang effect video. With the video saved as the shareable GIF format, guests could share their video on Facebook and email via QR codes and other social media platforms with ease.


Project Management/ Kenix Wan, Quian Chow Copywriter/ Jasper Wu Designer/ Yan Au, Kimchi Yim Developer/ Kong Lee Programmer/ Ally Chan System Support/ Endo Yeung