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7 February, 2017

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Background & Objective

Fidelity Investments (HK) Management intend to increase the AUM growth rate of their four European funds by raising the awareness of Fidelity’s product solutions in Europe. In order to communicate with intermediary decision makers, salespeople and active investors, it is suggested to provide investment insights as well as the best European product solution for their clients. A website would serve this purpose.

Idea and Approach

From research, creative, copywriting to design and HTML development, we targeted to transform comprehensive background and product information into simple, interesting and easy-to-understand story. Lots of effort have been devoted to regrouping and reshaping the content to interest and appeal to intended audience. A minimalist strategy is supposed to guide the user experience and design of this mobile responsive mini campaign site, with a single page that allows smooth scrolling, user-friendly 3-slide carousel, simple interactions such as click and drag, encouraging the users to take a deep dive into the content. Infographic, charts and table were also utilized to deliver the demonstration effectively.


Project Management/ Vincent Ma, Grace Chan, Sybil Yeung Creative Director/ Don Chan Art Director/ Kelvin Choi Designer/ Wingyee Mok Developer/ Chris Chan


in 2 weeks after launch

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