HKTB Hong Kong Summer Fun Giveaway Campaign

6 January, 2017

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Hong Kong is Asia’s most cosmopolitan and dynamic city, with a variety of entertainments, world-class shopping malls and local delicacies. To encourage tourists to experience the best of the city, Hong Kong Tourism Board launched the “Hong Kong Summer Fun” program in summer.

With this awareness-rising giveaway campaign, aim to promote Hong Kong as a tourist destination for summer, raise awareness of the Hong Kong Summer Fun activities, engage target audience in 7 countries and regions of Asia and maximize the opportunity of fan acquisition and engagement on HKTB’s social media platforms.


To pre-promote the Hong Kong Summer Fun, as well as share the excitement and happiness with target audience from 7 Asia regions, the digital campaign “Hong Kong Summer Fun Giveaway Campaign” had been rolled out beforehand under an exciting theme:

BIG Summer Giveaway!
3 Round-trip Flights + 3 Nights’ Stay + 3 Unique Experiences
for you to enjoy 3 categories of attractions in Hong Kong


A digital platform was built to engage targeted audience
To reach out to the target audience from seven different countries, Facebook is considered the best channel to grab huge attentions to the campaign. We developed a Facebook application in two languages, and launched on HKTB’s Facebook global fan page “Discover Hong Kong” and Taiwan fan page “香港逗陣行” to reach both English-speaking and Chinese-speaking tourists.

Highlight the Travel Themes of Play, Eat, Shop
To promote HK as an Asia’s most cosmopolitan and dynamic city, with a variety of entertainments, world-class shopping malls and local delicacies, the campaign was unveiled with 3 different categories Play, Eat, Shop. With prizes package designed for each category, the branding message spread out, enticing more tourists to visit HK.

Easy-to-use responsive UI design and mechanics
The user-friendly responsive UI design and mechanics encourage participation by allowing users to complete the submission in just two steps on mobile devices or computers:
(1) Tell the reason why they desire for the experiences in Hong Kong
(2) Submit contact details for prize redemption purpose


The campaign consisted of three categories: Play, Eat, Shop. For each category there would be one winner out of all eligible markets. Participants could enter for all the three categories, so as to have three chances to win the prizes. The prizes, tied in the category, were designed to offer a unique experience in Hong Kong.

To win each prize, the participants were asked a question relating to the category and were required to write down why they wanted to come to Hong Kong. The answers, as a great user generated content, would be judged from creativity and enthusiasm for Hong Kong.


Project Management/ Sybil Yeung, Stephen Hui Creative Director/ Kelvin Choi Designer/ Cany Pun, Wingyee Mok Developer/ Alan Yu Programmer/ Lung Cha, Lynn Chan


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Facebook Fans Growth (6x increase compare to the week prior)