“Love Is All Around” Christmas Campaign

7 February, 2017

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Everyone longs for a Christmas filled with love and presents! This Christmas, PANDORA is making everyone’s Christmas dream come true with a loved-filled craft customized for you! Presenting the #LOVEISALLAROUND themed Hologram Christmas Card and 360° Video Experience Installation at iSQUARE outside the PANDORA store, PANDORA is encouraging everyone to embrace love 360°!


Christmas is a magical time when the air is filled with love and warmth despite the cold weather. As one of the most beloved jewelry brands of all time, PANDORA is determined that everyone would have a great time with friends and family celebrating Christmas with PANDORA.

360° Video Experience Installation

You will not call it a night after a Christmas gathering until you have everyone squeezed in a group photo! This Christmas, PANDORA gives you so much more than just a photo, but a 360˚ video! Entering into the 4.5-meter-tall Christmas Bell installation surrounded by the Christmas Tree and red-nosed reindeer decoration at iSQUARE, you can take funny 360˚ boomerang videos together with your loved ones, gigantic Christmas Teddy Bear and Snowman!

To enjoy the 360˚ video experience, all you have to do is to register a time slot online, and then you can have the memorable moments with your friends and family captured! You can also spread the joy (and love, of course) around by posting the 360˚ video on Facebook to get everyone into the Christmas spirits!

Hologram Christmas Card

Other than the enchanting outdoor installation, PANDORA also distributes Holographic Projection film printed with a QR code to customers when they have made a purchase of an jewellery item at PANDORA store or eSTORE. Customers are cordially invited to enter the world of the virtual hologram projection of the 4.5-meter-tall Christmas Bell with the use of the Holographic Projection film. As the customers scan the QR code, they will be directed to a Holographic video. By just folding up the Holographic Projection film and placing it on the mobile as instructed, they can see a spinning representation of the Christmas Bell at iSQUARE on their palms, allowing them to feel Christmassy 360˚ at home!


Project Management/ Kenix Wan, Rainbow Wong Creative Director/ Steven Lee Designer/ Yan Au Developer/ Cyrus Au Programmer/ Alan Choy, Kening Li System Support/ Kong Lee, Soya Yip, Endo Yeung