MPF Readiness Index

7 February, 2017

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Background & Objective

Competitors of Fidelity Investments (HK) Management create games and indices to evaluate and measure retirement readiness for members, so as to encourage them to get better financially prepared for their retirement. Fidelity Investments (HK) Management would like to introduce their “Fidelity MPF Readiness Index (RI)”, in order to

  • Further strengthen brand presence subsequent to the regional brand campaign launch in July 2016;
  • Build brand awareness and brand association as a MPF provider among target customers through assessment that adopts MPF Readiness Index ; and
  • Raise members engagement level towards MPF with an user-friendly & interactive approach.


Planning way ahead for retirement is like training for a marathon. The earlier you start your planning, the better your outlook will be. By quantifying your future financial need with “Readiness Index”, you will be aware of the your readiness levels and receive professional planning advice to ensure a better retirement.


Apart from luring people to participate the campaign from paid ad and organic search, it is also suggested to create a corresponding ever-green module in Fidelity HK corporate website, explaining MPF Readiness Index and cross-selling services to target customers.
We therefore worked closely with client to build the extra module in corporate website abiding by their CMS structure and rules in production environment. On top of the mini campaign site, we adopted the calculation matrix provided by 3rd party vendor to complete the assessment.


Project Management/ Vincent Ma, Flora Wu, Emily Kwan, Sybil Yeung Creative Director/ Joy Ho Designer/ Cherry Hui, Kit Li Developer/ Wymen, Gigi Programmer/ Allen


in 2 weeks after launch

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