#DFSxShiseido Travel & Happiness Campaign

6 January, 2017

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In its latest worldwide campaign “Travel & Happiness,” Shiseido Travel Retail collaborated with luxury retailer DFS Group and Japanese contemporary artist Shishi Yamazaki, with the aim of strengthening its brand identity as a Japanese skincare expert. To invite customers to experience the restoring power of Shiseido’s skincare and unique consumer experience that DFS is known for, Shishi Happiness Booths were set up at two T Galleria stores and Hysan Place Atrium.


To help our clients achieve their objectives, we drew footfalls to the store by installing a photo booth and offering complimentary personalized luggage tags at the venue. We consider luggage tag an ideal incentive because it is a practical accessory that seamlessly echoes the travel theme. At Hysan Place Atrium, we also encouraged potential customers to upload the photos and Boomerang videos they took at the booth to social media platforms. We believe they embody a viral element that will help enhance the brand’s online presence.

Such mechanism not only led target audiences gradually from online campaign site to offline event venue and eventually the store, it also formed a positive emotional connection between the brand and the customer through interactive engagement.


The photo booth at both T Galleria stores consisted of a touch-screen monitor and an Insta-Print application, whereas the one at Hysan Place Atrium had an additional monitor, a camera and a chroma key background on top of the mentioned equipment.

Users would first upload a photo to Instagram with the campaign hashtag #DFSxShiseido. They could then visit the booth and receive a luggage tag after verifying their participations. At Hysan Place Atrium, users could take a photo directly at the photo booth and share it to Facebook, or film a Boomerang video and upload to Instagram after downloading the file. After that, users could personalize the image by selecting a travel-scene background designed by Yamazaki and inserting their own names.

While printing was in progress, the monitor would show a Shishi Girl video, a short animation of Yamazaki’s self-styled character, to keep users engaged. To end the experience with a call to action, we presented the customized luggage tag along with a bounce back card that allowed them to receive a sample and a special discount when shopping at T Galleria’s Shiseido counter.


Project Management/ Ray Tang, Sandy Lee, Andrea Wong Creative Director/ Lennon Ho, Lala Lui Art Director/ Natalie Wan Copywriter/ Lala Lui, Yetta Yang Designer/ Annie Hung
, Wilson Ho Developer/ Kong Lee, Soya Yip, Snowie Mok Programmer/ Lung Chan, Silver Lam System Support/ Endo Yeung


Luggage tags printed

Instagram posts shared


Videos created