Vendox is a mobile-connected machine made to create contextual customer engagement and
maximize synergy between social media and real stores.

Brand Activation will become easier and more engaging than ever- only with one click


Vendox becomes a CRM hub to manage gift & coupon delivery. You canprovide customized offer and track customer behavior much easier

Social Connect

Customers will see what their friends have bought and recommended through social media plug-in. Peer influence on social media is effective in driving sales and create expectations


Vendox’s touch screen accommodates your creativity to use mini games to entertain customers and enhance in-store experience. Extensions like Leap Motion and Kinect can also be installed


Vendox can connect to e-commerce platform for instant Pay-as-you-go. Your online store connects to real store via Vendox

Media Channel

Vendox is a 24/7 brand channel with 65-inch screen streaming branding message video anytime


Vendox is cloud-connected so you can manage multiple Vendox wherever you need


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